Hi, sorry if these are basic questions, but how do i figure out how to send an email blast to a select group of contacts, or resellers in my case. just a basic mass email to an entire contact view</li><li>the second question is figuring out how to send a promotional email to certain groups of leads</li></ul> just the basic pathways would be. 1) how do i send an email blast when there are more than 250 contacts on an account? 2) when i tried creating a new template, after clicking make available for use, it is not showing anything. 3) after my email template does show in salesforce, will i able to have a greeting line? we are using unlimited version.. Visualforce email templates allow for advanced merging with a recipient’s data, where the content of a template can contain information from multiple records in salesforce; this is a very powerful tool. tracking: it is possible to track an html email sent from salesforce..

Blast - Bing images

Blast - bing images

How to Track Pardot Campaign Influence in Salesforce

How to track pardot campaign influence in salesforce

Make Every Rep Sell Like Your Best Rep Hs Edited

Make every rep sell like your best rep hs edited

Email Marketing Ideas For Nonprofits Blast On Creating A Culture Of ...

Email marketing ideas for nonprofits blast on creating a culture of

Email Blast Salesforce

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Email Blast Using Salesforce

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Salesforce Email Blast Limits

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