Many org assoicate thir email blasts to a campaign and is why i suggested that originally. you may want to search the help & training link to learn how the mass email function in salesforce work; as what you are asking to do is very doable and functionality already exists in salesforce for this.. I would like to send a email blast to all my leads that i have marked dead. how can i do this?. Email is (still) one of the most common communication vehicles for marketing and development departments. it can help your organization communicate with current and prospective constituents and in a highly personalized and cost-effective manner. we often have conversations with our salesforce clients about the best way to send email blasts..

Blast - Bing images

Blast - bing images

When Facebook is a total blast: Rare Mount St. Helens eruption photo gets new life on social ...

When facebook is a total blast: rare mount st. helens eruption photo gets new life on social

7 Examples of Successful Email Templates: A Case Study | Salesforce Pardot

7 examples of successful email templates: a case study | salesforce pardot

What is the BEST measure for a successful email campaign? - Destined

What is the best measure for a successful email campaign? - destined

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