Video length: 6:49. video description: this video walks through the process of enabling a document library to receive incoming email. the video shows how to activate the smtp feature in windows server, how to configure incoming email settings in sharepoint central administration and how to enable a document library to receive emails.. E-mail is an integral part of any sharepoint installation as it is the backbone of communication with in a sharepoint farm and its users. needless to say, it becomes imperative for any sharepoint administrator to know the basics of configuring the sharepoint environments to send and receive emails.. The setting for the list throttle . open the sharepoint central administration, go to application management --> manage web applications; click to select the web application that hosts your list (eg..

sadomovalex's blog: Create reminder workflow for Sharepoint Online which send emails when ...

Sadomovalex's blog: create reminder workflow for sharepoint online which send emails when

Enabling Barcode In SharePoint 2013

Enabling barcode in sharepoint 2013

Sharepoint designer workflow 2010 | prernadhodiya

Sharepoint designer workflow 2010 | prernadhodiya

CrazzyCoding: Performance Point Service Feature missing from SharePoint 2010

Crazzycoding: performance point service feature missing from sharepoint 2010